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Our Alpaca Family is sold!

9-4-2010 - All our alpacas were sold due to Dan's health problems.  I am leaving this page of alpaca pictures on the site because they are still a part of our thoughts and our hearts.  They don't live too far from here, about 30 minutes drive and I do visit them.  Azalea had her female cria 5 days after arriving at their new home.  I don't know her name yet.  She looks like Cosmos in coloring, but she is Paladin's daughter.  This time Azalea's genes were dominant.  Piangee still expects food from me when I visit, so I remember to take fresh greenbeans or snap peas to him.  I know,  call me sucker but I am still his mom and will always feel the need to give him treats.

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Dan walking with the girls & Cosmos. Paladin is watching from the barn area.

Our Peruvian Cosmos - 3 months old

Begonia loves her steamed corn.

Begonia is not camera shy!

The grass is always greener on the other side!

Boris is sitting still for his much loved inspection by the girls.

Paladin & Boris are frolicking in the pond on a hot summer day.

Again - all the focus is on Boris - He is smiling!

2005 Christmas Card

Freshly sheared and a little embarassed Begonia says "I can't believe she wants to take my picture - I'm naked"!

Boris is finally getting to hug Sweet Pea - She likes him a lot and puts up with his careless abandon!

This is Begonia's Begging look, she is trying to guilt me into giving her more corn.

Daphne, five days old and such a beautiful cria!