Family Pictures

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Photo Gallery

These are not in any order - just what I could find and get on the website. Erica is my oldest daughter married to Michael and she has three children (Eric, Gino & Christina)and one grandchild (Jade). Richard, who is my son, and his wife Crystl have seven children (Melanie, Adrionna, Jared, Lauren, Carissa, Logan and Devan). Michelle, my daughter is the baby of the family (she is going to love seeing that) and she has two boys (Arthur & Anthony). We finally got some pictures from Dan's son, Daniel, and from Dan's granddaughter, Amanda, with her son Isaiah. There will be other family members posted and I will try to ID each of them. For a larger picture, just double click on the one you want to enlarge.

Michael & Erica with Gino & Christina

Left to right: Lauren, Carissa, Jared, Richard, Crystl, Logan, Adrionna & Devan

Michelle - A beautiful woman!

Gino's graduation. Getting a hug from big brother - Eric

It's me - wearing one of my hats.

Dan on Veterans Day - 2006

My mom Patricia, my sister Karen & husband David, Jessica (Karen's daughter) and kids!

Mike & Erica at Gino's graduation - June 2008

My brother Paul, pictured in his 2009 Christmas outfit, taken in front of his home in Colorado. Ever the Outdoorsman!

Paul, wearing his new black alpaca hat. He so purty!

Boris (Yes, he is part of the family) watching to see how big the fish is that I am reeling in.

Our friend from California, Gloria, won a first & second place ribbon for the crochet scarves she made for Dan & I.

Eric fearlessly demonstrating a handstand on a moving skateboard.

Jade loving on uncle Anthony

Boris is asking to go outside.

Gino's Graduation 6-2008

Dan is wearing the hat I made for him.

Gino - Loving the power of the ocean! California coast near Humbolt

This is Dan's son, Daniel who lives in Portland, Oregon

Dan's Great-Grandson, Isaiah, at the Phillips Farm Pumkin Patch.

Dan's Grandaughter, Amanda with her son, Isaiah.