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2/18/2012  The flock has been sold.  If you are still interested in getting eggs from the vB stock, email Larry Golden in Oklahoma



My maiden name is van Barneveld and while looking on the internet for a broody type chicken, I saw Barnevelders in a list of broody chickens and was blown away. I never knew there were Barnevelder chickens. When I saw pictures of them, I thought they were beautiful. Naturally, I had to find a way to get some and was able to purchase 2 excellent hens & roosters to start our flock in early 2005. I had Rhode Island Reds in 2004 but they don't normally get broody, which was why I was looking for a broody type chicken in the first place.

These Barnevelder chickens are all I want in a chicken. They are easy going, love to be wherever we are and will quietly try to get around any obstacle standing in their way, until they have found you or until they forget what they were doing in the first place. The forgetting sounds so familiar! They are great parents (including the rooster who helps in raising them) and very determined when they get broody. Being a dual purpose chicken and very winter hardy is another plus.  They lay beautiful brown eggs year round and the size is large and then Jumbo+ (sometimes 3 ounces), once they mature.

We are Pullorum/Typhoid/Avian Influenza/Mycoplasma Galiseptum and Mycoplasma Synoviae free, according to NPIP (National Poultry Improvement Plan). NPIP #43-643

We are members of the American Poultry Association and the SPPA (Society for the Preservation of Poultry Antiquities).

We are now the home of the vB Show Quality Line of Barnevelders.  This is the line that I have worked on for four + years and it is a very good line of birds.  We have named this line the vB line, after my maiden name - van Barneveld.

1-27-2009 - I have added a picture of 11 chicks just born a couple of days ago.

6-13-2009 - Another 25 babies hatched on Wednesday.  They all look like little tarantulas running around!  Any minute, I expect them to climb the side of the brooder and side step out into the spare room.

1-12-2010 - We have just gotten through a really bad batch of very cold weather (in the minus) and our birds have made it through - without heat lamps - in a drafty old oak barn!  This speaks well of their hardiness and health. 

1-16-2010 We now have 15 hens in two bloodlines and a cross of those two lines.  This year we will be using the roosters from that cross on all the hens for our hatching eggs.

10-14-2010  Now we have 8 pullets and 2 cockerels that came from a cross of all vB hens and a vB/KC Rooster.  I had another cross of all KC hens with a vB/KC rooster over them, but did not like the resulting pullets or cockerels conformation or behavior.  I have been promised a good vB/JoHan rooster with hopefully more vB traits for next years breeding season.

If you are interested in ordering eggs, please click on the ordering page.

7-20-2011   We finally have Pay Pal! 

2005 - This flock has been going through a molt, but they still look great! - How many chicks do you see?

Couple of hens followed me to the house.

A styalized picture of a Barnevelder Rooster and Hen


These eggs are from the Barnevelders. They are the first eggs from our flock after a molt and are darker right now than they will be after several months of lay.  The hens lay 2+ ounce eggs and I have one 3 year old Barny hen that lays a 3+ ounce egg every time (the two eggs that are on the lower row on the right). They have consistantly given us a steady number of beautiful brown eggs throughout this ever-changing weather. I keep a light on in the coop to keep the water from freezing overnight or on some of these 9 degree days we have had these last four years. I love what those Barny hens can do in the winter.


Jan. 6, 2007 - Enjoying the sun peeking out from the clouds - just for a moment!  The rooster in the back right is named "Big Daddy".  The other two roosters are his sons and they are starting to show that they are ready to be put away in a seperate area.

1-27-2009  These guys were born a couple of days ago.  There are 11 of them in there - somewhere.  One is crashed in the food tray!