Greenhouse 2

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More Greenhouse

As we build and add to this greenhouse, we hope to show the natural transformation of our dream to have winter produce as well as a jump on spring planting in our garden.

1-6-2007 We just had the water and electric installed today. We also have the Dutch door installed but partially finished.

2-23-2007 This picture was taken the minute the contractor, that installed the vinyl siding, drove out of our driveway.  I was so excited to finally get this siding installed to finish out the exterior of the greenhouse.  With all the mix ups in getting this siding to match what was already on the body of our home, it took several months to finally get the right product.  The only thing left to finish the exterior of the greenhouse portion is to paint the two doors using the siding color and now I have a sample to take to the paint store.

Dan is shoveling snow from the front of the greenhouse and Boris is trying to catch the snow as he shovels it off.  Boris is always there to help or get in the way.

This is the back side of the greenhouse, the shop end.  Everything has come together nicely.  When this addition was just a dream, I was concerned about how it would look when finished.  I knew that it would need to enhance the looks of the original home because it was on the front of the house and the first thing visitors would see.  It had to be a functional greenhouse and a passive solar energy source.  We did not want to increase our energy use, but wanted to decrease our winter heating costs.  I am very happy with the outcome.

Door is finished and functional, but needs paint.

Ta Da!  It's painted! 

This spring, Dan & I built these flower boxes completely across the front of the house and greenhouse.  They are filled with organic soil, oak & maple leaf mulch, herbs and flowers started from seed in the greenhouse.  Also, some of the plantings that were taken out before we raised the soil level were then planted back into these raised flower boxes.