Photo 3

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Born sometime the second week in November, 2001.  He has proven to be the best dog we have ever had.  He is super smart and is a pro at playing frisbee.  We were told that he is part Border Collie (body shape), part Rottweiler (fur coloring) and part Chow (blue tongue). 

Because Boris was having seisures and had a terribly painful joint condition that would not respond to the prescreption medicine for pain, we decided it was wrong to keep him with us.  My friend Maria and I dug Boris's grave in the morning and he was put to sleep on our property by his Veterinarian in December 2015.

Proudly wearing his new scarf, from Lori Holt, who makes dog clothes

Didn't I leave that Frisbee somewhere around here?

Boris at the canine inspection station. Really, he is just trying to remind me that the cherry tomatoes are his.  He is the one who shows me what is ripe on the farm - I am not kidding!

Boris making sure there are no harmful critters swimming onto my island.  This tiny island only happens when we have a good rain and the pond is in overflow mode.

Boris the hunter (Sorry all you squirrel lovers).

Boris helping (?) Dan...........

Boris helping (?) me.

Boris, the watch dog.

Boris is waiting for me to reel in the fish I caught.  He loves to be there when I fish in our pond.  Unfortunately, I have caught his ear several times while casting because he is always on the move.

Here is the felted likeness of Boris that was made by my friend Susan

Boris in his favorite place - His cubby - at ease!