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Michelle & Kids Visit

Michelle, Arthur & Anthony, came and stayed 2 1/2 months with us - March to May.  I have put pictures of some of the activities in this section.  I have to admit, when they did some of their antics, I was laughing too hard to think about taking pictures, so this is limited.

We decorated a table in the South African color theme, at the church for a Mission Conference competition and won 1st place. Now the spoils - POT LUCK!

Here is Anthony, proudly wearing the 1st place ribbon.

I had already mowed over an acre in the front and back yard.  Anthony started out with a gas mower to do some of the places that couldn't be reached by the riding mower.  While he was using it, the handle broke, so Dan gave him those shears to finish the job.  He and Arthur thought we were using them as slave labor.

Here is Arthur, very carefully weed-eating around the Redbud tree.  He is probably thinking about what kind of hand tool Dan might give him, if he breaks the weed-eater.

Two muscle men and a muscle dog!

Anthony doesn't want to go, but thinks the trip back to California might be more interesting if Boris went along.

I don't know how old this picture is of Michelle, but I thought she might like it better than the others.

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