Some Arts & Crafts

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My older sister, Kitty, suggested that I put my artwork up on our website.  These pictures & crafts are some of the assignments we worked on, while going to a home where a group of friends gathered each week this year, basically to learn how to paint with watercolors.  Since my mom is having a hard time getting them to show up on her computer, I have reformated the page, so I hope this works.  

I found a picture of these "Poppies" in a catalogue ( I think) and did a watercolor of them. It seems to be a favorite of Mom, Kitty & Gabbe.

This looks very much like the side of our barn - old!

This is Begonia and she is the mother of Piangee.  This was done with typical water color techniques and you can see why I like the watercolor-pencil method that I used on her son better (to the right).  I just decided to do a watercolor-pencil drawing of Begonia.

Amaryllis Belladonna or Naked Lady.  We have some of these in the front yard.

This was my take on a bird house that each lady in our painting group did for the 2009 Tri-County Fair.  We had such a wonderful variety in the way each one was done.  This one won the Blue Ribbon and Best of Class in the 2009 fair.

My first attempt at a watercolor painting since I was 13 years old.  This tree came from my mind, so I guess you could call it an abstract.

This poppy is here to show just how easy it is to get too much black on your painting.  I did try to remove some of the black paint, but could not get enough of it off - for my liking.  I am still learning how to use watercolors and it is tough!

Ok Mom, I have done some more work on this.  Am I getting there?  This won a blue Ribbon and Rosette in the 2009 Fair

Hey, I found a way to have lots more control over the watercolor!  I used watercolor-pencils to do this one of Piangee and barely used any water at all on it.  I was scared to use too much water after I sketched it out and colored it in with the pencils - because I liked what I saw.  Basically, I used a feathering brush, that was just barely dampened, to blend the colors.  I guess it's more like a colored pencil drawing. It won a blue ribbon and best of class in the 2010 Tri County Fair

This is Daphne at 5 days. She is absolutely beautiful.  2nd place in the 2010 Tri County Fair.

I took a picture of Boris while hissing like a cat to get his attention.  Then I did the watercolor-pencil drawing and have not put any water on this yet.  I don't think I will.  Sorry Boris, you got a 3rd place at the 2010 Tri County Fair.