Grass Carp verses Algae

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Algae in the Pond

We have a real good crop of algae growing in the pond!  Except it's a fish killer to have a pond full of algae.  I took some before pictures of what the pond looked like the day we put the (one - really just one - no more than one - I mean it for your own good LaNelle!) grass carp in.  Then 25 days later I took some more pictures.  When it is free of algae, those pictures will be put up too.  While I was out taking picture of the 25 day improvement, Boris found a snake under that dead tree that is partially in the pond.  It was a big fat, some kind of water snake (I think it was a Northern Water Snake), and he killed it without even waiting to see if it was a venomous one.

4-4-2010 Before Grass Carp - Looking N. W.

4-29-2010 - 25 days after Grass Carp

4-4-2010 Before Grass Carp Looking North

4-29-2010 - 25 days after Grass Carp

5-11-2010 - 37 days after Grass Carp

5-11-2010 - A pretty healthy looking pond now!  One Grass Carp, that has to be huge now, did all the clean up.  You can see Boris is chasing frogs (one of his many passtimes) while trying not to get into the water.  He had strict orders to stay out of the pond while I took the pictures. Ah, but there is that one foot that had to go in (if a dog is a part of your family, you know what I am talking about).