Trip to Missouri and some videos made by Erica and Gino

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Erica and Christina

Not enough time!  Erica and Christina came for a short visit - just over 2 days.  We had time to eat garden bounty, fish in our pond and talk.  They were both such a blessing to see and Christina was a sweetie and very nice to have around.  These are some of the pictures we remembered to take.


This video is of Eric and his new pup

This video is of Christina's 18th birthday and then one of her Graduation.

Look who's driving!

This is boris begging for attention from Christina. He likes her!

Christina really is trying to catch a fish!

Dan and Erica having a chat while I fish on the other side of that fallen tree.

Christina is at the bottom of this 40' tree that has fallen over. What you are looking at is the root base.

Good cast girl!

Had to put one of Mike in here - Thanks for sharing your wife and Christina with me!

A video of Eric with his dog, Dolly.

A video of Christina's graduation.

 Erica is working on Gino's video - it's next