Remodel Project

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Before and after (some during). We started this in March, 2012.

old narrow hall is not wide enough to take a wheel chair to the other rooms. Hall feels very cluttered now.

Wall has been removed to finish the new wall ten inches wider and laundry room is opened up to become a part of the dining room. You can still see where the walls were on the ceiling and the floor before starting

Hall 10 inches wider, wall painted, new coat hanger on the left that I made, den opened up, ceiling not finished.

No more pop corn on the ceiling and crown molding is installed.

This is before we took out the white floor tile, old counters, replaced the back splash and added pot rack hanging from the ceiling over the new island, replaced the floor, moved the refrigerater, installed new backsplash and repainted the paint with candy apple red.

Kitchen in transition - Candy apple to be painted over the old paint- blue tile to be replaced by that nice tiny glass tile

New kitchen sink, faucet, window and back splash

More counter tops for canning.

Behind that wall is the old laundry room and it has a window that is now in the dining rm.

Dining Room - Five feet bigger and can seat six to eight people now instead of the four we could seat before the remodel. The window was in the Laundry room before we took down the wall. New dual pane argon window and sliding glass door.

Old laundry where we got the 5X9 feet for the dining room

Laundry has been moved to garage but has not been painted. Don't even know what color to paint yet.

Old bathroom sink and linen cabinet that is 20" deep. We need some of that floor space to get a larger door in.

We opened the wall to accomodate a wheelchair which made the counter not as deep as it used to be.

Looking toward the door at the old shower/tub stall

Looking into the bathroom past the new walk-in tub.

Den, before we took out the doorway, put down the new floor and painted.

You can see the old footprint of the door wall on the ceiling. We have finally figured out what we are going to do with the popcorn ceiling. I can't wait to see how that will look and we will include a picture when we get it done.

This shows the old posts and the laundry in the backround before the remodel. The posts were removed and the wall opening is still the same size just moved over.

Entry to dining and kitchen area is finished off without wooden dowels and brought to the left by 20 in. Living Room is being redone in 2013.

2-24-2013 The paint is really light gray - not pale blue. New floor, white crown molding & floor trim, new area rugs and some new furniture

November 2013 LR rug and chair re-arrange picture. A few changes.

Still work to be done getting it all together, still moving things around but at least the ceiling, walls and floors are done.

11-2013 Rug and chair re-arrange. I painted the lamps white and glued magnolia's on the shades.

Richard finally gets a break and sits next to a family portrait, painted by my mom, of her father!

Den window and family picture walls

Den east wall with hall to the right.

All that sleet on the ground and the temperature is only about 23. Richard is prooving he is still nuts! Brrrrrr.........

Wet weather water fall and stream

New Rustic Red Roof installed by Roof Construction