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Cool Pics!

I just started working on this page 4-29-2010 at 11:22 pm.  This is a work in progress.  Friday, after I get home from town, I will add a couple of pictures that you all just sent to me.

June 2013 - Left to Right - Logan, Richard, Jared, Crystl, Carissa, Lauren with Devon in front of Crystl.

Devon looking very camouflaged in that tree.

The first 2 girls are unknown to me. Devon, Carissa, Lauren and Jared on the top row. The bottom row is another unknown boy and Logan.

Carissa - Beautiful and smart!

Jared - imitating a bat?

Lauren - Beautiful and smart too!

Devon - the flying boy!

Where are you all going?

Sample Photo 10

Carissa and ?

Lauren in front of their house.

Richard and Crystl - The two that made all these beautiful kids

The three Muskateers - Jared, Logan & Devon

Richard - Caught washing the car!