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2017 Reunion

July 1, 2017

June 30, 2017

To Joel & Kitty, Jasper & Holly, Kai, Varick, Eman, Brandt & Idris, Erica, Christina & Jack, Gino, Richard, Carissa, Logan, Devon, Anthony & Ashlyn (and their son to come), Paul & Carolin, Myrtle, Christine, Johnny, Karen, Jessica, Robert & Gabbe,

 I am very thankful you all seemed to have a good time here.  How could you not!  All five siblings in one spot for more than a day! Add to that sisters, brothers, grandchildren, uncles, aunts, nephews, nieces, moms, dads, grandmothers, grandfathers, wives, husbands and a great-grandchild on the way. 

Sorry about the mole who ruined the swimming pool, the very hot and then cold water at the kitchen sink and the septic problem.  Still waiting for those with the slowpoke mentality that is soooo prevalent here in Missouri to come and look at all three problems (and maybe take them on). Couldn't do much about the train. Even so, it was a novelty to some and we did have a few flattened coins laying around here. After 13 years, I STILL FIND IT IMPOSSIBLE TO IGNORE, though I try not to show it! What did you say?

As of this writing, A Septic...

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This Blog

June 4, 2017

It is apparent to me that something must change in order for me to regain my enthusiasm in writing this blog. My biggest frustration has been the inability to get photos into the blogs so I have been looking at other sites for free blogs. Nothing yet except a vast array of supposedly “Free” sites that may or may not have the ability to put photos with the blog spots. This site used to allow photos, but apparently several years ago a change was made in the software and I have not been able to get my photos on any blogs. I have written to the managers of this site and was told they would look into it and get back to me....that has not happened. I called my sister and brother-in-law (the two brains in the computer world that I could go to and ask questions). Robert gave me an avenue to pursue further. More to come.......maybe!


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Horrible concrete work!

February 19, 2017

It is hard to believe that Richard was here for almost a month and has been home for over a week already. What a huge blessing to have him here helping me get this place cleaned and set in order. We were trying to clear up the mess of neglect (and the lack of having a younger, stronger and handsome son around). The shop that used to be Dans, is now mine. I have wanted to do some wood crafts for a while, but the shop was so cluttered with “Important Things” that I could barely get around the floor to the other side of it. Thanks to Richards hard work and his skills of putting things to right in an orderly fashion, we can move around on there.


The Amish man that worked on the Sun-room (the old greenhouse) last month, at my suggestion, used some old oak barn-wood taken from a wall in our 110+ year old barn, to make windowsills for the eight windows installed there. Richard and I have, since that time, taken out the rest of the 7 1/2” by 55” boards in that same wall that could be taken without damaging the wood....

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Sunday Morning - watching U-tube shop storage solutions

January 8, 2017


Watching these videos has helped me understand what a novice I am at organizing anything.  Not to be deterred though, I watched about an hours worth of very busy guys, showing how they have used the limited space available to them (all the while listening to real snappy music in the background). My mind is slightly boggled! I'll need to come back to this after some coffee...............

The weather has been keeping me inside for about 5 days, except for the forays with Sasha for her potty breaks and mandatory play runs. I do believe that having a dog that absolutely needs to full-out run a couple of time a day, is very good for me. Although I accept that the donning and disrobing of my cold weather garb will probably wear it out quicker (and me). Her exuberance has made it quite cushy for me to participate as much or as little as I want. She will pick up any stick and fly with it. Many sticks can be found at any one time in our yard and she really doesn't care how big or how awkward it may be. I cringe at some of them and have been...

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Two Daughters in Texas

December 13, 2016

Erica and Michelle are living in Fort Worth, Texas.....together......and loving it. Erica moved to Texas first and began to establish her Montessori Day Care. She started with a license for three children and added 3 more. From what Erica has said to me, the red tape nearly strangled her with the state and federal mandates in establishing her Day care school. She did it! Michelle came to live with Erica several months ago and is working at Walgreen’s. She has done so well that the company is paying to school her as a Pharmacist assistant. She has been the employee of the month, has gotten her Texas drivers license and purchased a truck for transportation. My daughters fully appreciate the friendliness of the people around them. Both of my girls have had some serious hard knocks in their lives. Seeing them (with such vastly different personalities) work together and go forward to excel in their endeavors, is so terrific for a mom to see.

Richard and his family are still in Stockton. I know that Richard would gladly leave California behind to move to Missouri with his family. That would also put him closer to his dad in Burleson, Texas....

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Well it's Christmas time - isn't it?

December 12, 2016

So far, Christmas season hasn't had an impact on this house. No decorations, no tree, no cards on display and just about no spirit in me. I have felt like this before but always at the last minute some of the decorations would come out. I believe that if the changes to the house were completely finished, I would already have it all done. I don't expect any family here this year either. That doesn't mean that the birth of Christ won't be celebrated - it will.


I am feeling my age this cold winter season and am unable to get warm most of the time. Right now, there are four layers on my top half while in the house. When I go out, another layer goes on which includes, a hat, gloves, scarf and jacket. If anyone knows of some warm undergarments that could be worn on the bottom half of me, let me know....please? Brrrrrrr...............


Sasha is doing a lot better at coming when called if she is off leash. I have a sneaking suspicion though, that when people are around, she will become deaf to my call to”come”. Like Dan, she loves having company here....

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New Carpenter

December 6, 2016

It took some research to find my new carpenter and he was recommended by a very reputable company that would not have been able to get to our job until March of next year. David, being an Amish man, means that he must drive a tractor and pull a work trailer to work every morning that he is here. He also brings his 20 year old daughter and a younger special needs son with him. His daughter could probably do a good part of the work herself from what I have observed. His original time frame to finish drying in the old greenhouse was four or five days. Due to the complete lack of ability of the previous “contractor” (loosely applied here), much of the work to begin with, was to correct the “crappy” work already done. The new windows were just slapped in without the proper water-proofing of the sills and sealing around the nail lip. They each needed to be removed water-proofed, sealed and reinstalled. The walls by the front entry had to be removed because they were not level or square and had not been properly attached to the concrete porch (ultimately, not being attached to the...

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Contractor............I think not!

November 8, 2016

This is what has been keeping me busy for about a month and a half.  I admit to making a mistake by not forcing the issue about seeing the contractors certificate for this company.  I asked to see it three times, but only after work was started and I could see the lack of ability on the part of the workers.  After much thought, counceling and prayer regarding what I could or should do, I decided to end the work with this company.  I wrote all the problems that I could remember and some might think that a few of the things I wentioned might not be important to state here, but they all were indications to me that to believe in the integrity of the man who runs this company (or his crew) was a huge mistake.  Below are the pages that were handed to Keaton on the day I told them to quit.

(at the top of the page, I wrote in “Quit work, take your tools and don't come bold sharpie)


October 29, 2016


This is a compilation of the problems I have had with XXXXX's Contracting.....that I can remember. I have spoken to the...

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Oh the bliss!

August 27, 2016

What is the most tenacious, opportunistic, irritating, frustrating, unwanted, time-consuming, pesky, annoying, bothersome, last and the most telling......pestiferous thing on this planet - IMHO? Did you guess it? Weeds! This spring, I was excited to get started in the planning of the raised beds and the arches in the vegetable garden. There was a layer of nice white gravel that surrounded the beds and arches. The garden was weed-free! I knew that as soon as the sun came out and it rained fairly regular, there would be weeds. I was prepared for them …..... I thought. Well, lets just say, they got away from me. Here are my excuses for not killing them all as they came out. I had 6 tick bites which made me sick and very, very tired and on my leg was the typical target rash which is a symptom of Lyme Disease (I was tested for 4 different tick diseases and thankfully found to have none), then I had two bouts of poison ivy (one was so terrible that I had to be medicated with steroids), my mother and my best friend here in Missouri passed away, then a friend from California of 36 years...

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Delores Cochrane

June 11, 2016

Delores Cochrane, my good friend, passed away this Friday morning. I was outside trying to get the pool cleaned out from it's winter sleep and didn't hear my phone. When I came back into the house, I noticed a call from Delores's phone. I called and her son Ken answered. I told him that I had missed her call and was returning it. He told me she had passed away that morning. I have to say I didn't handle that very well. 

About a month ago, Delores let me know that she would never be back to her Mountain Grove home again. She said that they gave her possibly a year to live.  I was in the process of working out a way to go visit her.  Due to Dan having three falls when he stayed at the assisted living facility when I went to Arizona in April, for my Moms Celebration of Life ceremony, I decide that if he could stay at home where he was familiar with his surroundings, he would do better. I had been working on getting three of my friends together to figure out a schedule to stay with Dan so I would be able to...

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